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About Classic Car Lending

We are a company with many years of experience in the world of collector cars and share your passion for them. We work directly with customers to tailor a financing program to suit your specific requirements. Our approval process is quick and will be finished in less than an hour, once we receive your completed application.

Apply on line and get an answer fast. If you contact us during normal business hours (8 AM – 6 PM, Monday-Friday) we will get back to you quickly. We know you don’t want to lose a car you plan to purchase to another buyer.

With many collector car loan underwriters at our disposal, we find the very best deal based on your credit score. Apply early, and you’ll have pre-approved financing in place when you sit down with the seller to negotiate your best price. We can fund when others can’t!

We don’t just take your application and forward it to an underwriter. We offer years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of collector cars, including classic muscle cars, vintage racers, and exotics. Our consulting service is free, and helps you evaluate your purchase prior to the sale.

We know everybody’s situation is different. With Classic Car Lending, you have a wide choice of programs, including traditional financing, as well as leasing!

There are no up-front fees or application charges for our services. Applying on line is simple and easy through our SSL secured process.

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How It Works

We make it simple and easy. Whether you’ve already picked out your dream car or truck, or want to secure financing before you start your search, we can help. We have a classic car loan or lease that is perfect for your situation. We can arrange funding for classic car transactions from $5,000 to $500,000. No matter what your needs, we have you covered.

Here are the steps:

First – Complete the on-line classic car loan application and click, “submit now” at the bottom of the page.

Second – A loan agent will request your credit report using one of the major credit rating companies (Equifax, TransUnion or Experian). We will contact you directly by phone at a time convenient for you to discuss the financing and leasing options available.

Third – Once you’re pre-approved, we will follow up to complete funding of the car you’ve picked out, direct you to one of our dealers, or locate the car you’re looking for!

There are no pre-payment penalties. If you buy a car and decide to sell it to take a quick profit, you’ll only pay interest for the time your classic car loans are active. Even if you intend to keep it forever, it nice to know you don’t have any restrictions should you change your mind.

Note that all of our loans are installment loans at a fixed rate. We don’t offer revolving loans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our sister company, SW Dynamic Motorsports, is an advisory board member for the NADA Classic Car Guide. We use the NADA evaluation as a basis for determining value. For one-off resto-mods, kit cars or custom vehicles, we may ask for further information including installed components to justify the loan price. We will finance 90% of the assigned value.

Depending on the project, yes! Through our lease program, we can provide the financing necessary to purchase and complete your Shelby American “Continuation Series” Cobra, or other approved rolling chassis (determined on a case-by-case basis – write us for more information), including power train components, installation labor, tuning and testing. Once your car is complete, your lease begins. You reduce your payments, and have an option to purchase the car at the end of the lease! This sets up apart from a traditional lender that will only finance a running and driving car. We’ll finance it while it’s under construction!

The approval is valid for 60 days, and the loan rate is locked in for 30 days.

Yes. If you are purchasing from a dealer, we require that the dealer fax or email a copy of the front and back of the title to us as part of the funding process.

Yes. If you are purchasing from a dealer, we require that the dealer fax or email a copy of the front and back of the title to us as part of the funding process.

Unfortunately, no. The only person or entity shown on the title will be whoever applied for and was approved for the loan. Unless they were part of the approved application, no business names or spouses can be on the title to the vehicle.

We don’t charge a fee, but when your loan is funded, the bank charges a processing fee of $315 US. There is no cost to apply for the loan.

No. We never charge a pre-payment penalty fee. These loans are simple interest loans. You can pay it off whenever you want. We only charge interest for the time you borrow the money.

The minimum amount is $15,000. Loans up to half-million dollars US are available. will wire transfer funds directly to the selling dealer. This will be funded before the vehicle leaves the dealers lot.

No. We do require a collateral and VIN inspection to protect both of us. We have a national company that will perform the inspection at the dealership or private seller’s location.

We will need a Copy of the front and back of the title to verify it is fully negotiable, a Signed Bill of Sale/Invoice showing the amount of purchase, down payment and balance, If required, we will need proof of income, a color, clear scanned Copy of your Drivers License, proof of insurance including an Insurance Verification Form and a copy of the insurance binder or policy, A Notarized Power of Attorney and a Vehicle Inspection Report.

We can organize the purchase of the car from a private party, but not from an auction.

If you have an Equifax Beacon 740 score or higher, we do not require proof of income. Otherwise, we require last year's W-2 and a current paycheck stub. If you are self-employed, we will need the last two years of your tax returns.

In less than a half-hour, we will review your credit report and contact you by phone. We may have additional questions about your application. After a short telephone visit, we will process your loan. Typically, we will have an answer for you within an hour. After your pre-approval, and subject to any stipulations which may be required, we will have an answer for you within 1-2 hours.

There are several excellent classic car insurance companies that will underwrite a “agreed value” or “guaranteed value” policy for your classic car or truck. This is required to secure loan approval.