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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Peace-Of-Mind Comes With Due Diligence

If you’re new to the world of classic cars, or just don’t want to do the “heavy lifting” before you buy one, we offer a Turn-Key Certified classic car inspection and appraisal that takes the worry out of your purchase. For a reasonable fee, we will perform a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection of the classic car or truck you plan to buy. All of the structural, mechanical, electrical and cosmetic components are evaluated, and a complete ten page report is produced with pictures and commentary. In most cases, we will also provide an estimate of the costs to repair any items noted on the report. A complete appraisal of the car and an estimate of fair market value is yours upon request with our Turn Key Inspection and Certification.

Making sure the classic car you plan to buy is structurally and mechanically sound, before you buy it, gives you the peace-of-mind that comes with due diligence. While an inspection and certification isn’t the same as a classic car warranty, our process looks at everything we can inspect under the hood and under the car, as well as the interior, exterior, and trunk. (Inspections are performed without disassembly or removal of components.) The Turn Key Inspection and Certification evaluates structural, mechanical, electric, and cosmetic components. Turn-Key Certified cars qualify for an optional, third party, classic car warranty.

Note that any car leased or financed by Classic Car Lending is subject to a collateral and VIN inspection to meet the terms of the loan. This is not the same as a complete, Turn Key Certified inspection which is much more comprehensive. We recommend you complete a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection of any classic car you plan to purchase. It’s the best insurance you can buy.

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